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We are the new normal..the Airbnb/uber/rent the runway for small business..

Add Sales Now, is a 19 year old EXPERIENCED and SUCCESSFUL  business, focused solely on adding new revenue or growth to your existing business. We help start up, struggling, or mature business. We don't give you a plan, a strategy, or advice, we get on board, roll up the sleeves, and do it for you, with you, and thru you. No need to hire staff or agencies, we will do it all, and are now part of YOUR TEAM, any time, anyplace, and all for the hourly/flat fee.​ 

Pay as you GROW.......Get a six figure staff/impact for a small hourly fee or flat rate. 


#Driving Revenue for Business

Flat Fee- We charge an hourly or monthly flat fee. We will do any of the following for your BUSINESS on a monthly basis; sales, marketing, events, websites, trade shows, social media- instagram,  yelp, Trip Advisor, google SEO, pinterest, snapchat, facebook, twitter, and more. We can go month to month, when you needs us, and fit any budget. Pay as you GROW!

Social Media/Google

Why hire, when you can rent INSTANT SALES?

Get Started today, we have $300.00/month kickstart plans. 

 Drive growth, Sales, and Social Media for YOUR BUSINESS! #addsalesnow

Social Media is no longer an option.

Your business must have it to grow. We will set up your social media, run the sites, or just explode growth for you. Followers mean nothing without sales.. #addsalesnow  @addsalesnow

Sales is the LIFEBLOOD of any business.

Need us to find new clients, close deals, or sign new partnerships?

Why hire, when you can ADD SALES NOW, and Pay as YOU GROW?